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Coaches Resources at Emerald Lakers

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This page offers information for our club coaches, team managers, players and members.

Coaching Legends Program

VicHealth supporting Emerald Lakers

Club Information

No one at Emerald Lakers has made it through basketball without someones help, our volunteers inspire, encourage and commit to making our club unique and wonderful.

Team Communication

All Emerald Lakers Teams - communicate through the MOJO

Before the season begins the Coaching Coordinators will email the coach and team manager a team link


Coaching Legends Programs

Supporting Youth Members, Club Culture and Coach Training

Get Involved and Participate in club workshops, organised training sessions and social activities.  VicHealth has partnered with Emerald Lakers to help our youth members and coaches succeed and be apart Emerald Lakers Basketball Club.

Register to stay up to date with upcoming coaches sessions, training, workshops and more... 

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Below are training links

Mojo Sports App - Emerald Lakers

Communications | All Teams

Knox Basketball Coaches Resources

Coaches Resources | Drills

Breakthrough basketball

Coaches Drills

Basketball Victoria

Download information - Competition Resources

Basketball Vic Resources
Threat Stance

Victoria Basketball Referee Association

VBRA Knox, since being established in 1979, has serviced games in the greater Knox area consistently and has been an instrumental part in the development of the sport in the community.​  The Branch has continued to work in close cooperation with Knox Basketball to provide a service which is reliable and reflects the values of the sport and the association.

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